About me

I love to build software, to think about building software, and to think about the process. I have been fortunate to work with talented colleagues and with their collaboration, designed a pioneering pure, prototype-based, dynamically-typed object-oriented language called Self, invented techniques that make modern object-oriented dynamic languages practical, and pioneered the application of cartoon animation to user interfaces. For these accomplishments, four of our papers have won awards for lasting impact more than a decade after their publications. I have also been honored with the Dahl-Nygaard award for outstanding career contributions in the field of object-orientation.

More recently, I have looked at programming massive parallelism, and a new programming paradigm embracing subjectivity in order to support multidimensional contextual variation. But for the past year, I have been focused on iOS development, believing phone and table applications to be critical for the future.

Learning and following the Swift language has been a wonderful journey. Along the way, I have collected some thoughts that I will be sharing in this blog.

I tweet at @senderPath.

Happy reading!

– David